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Regis found a job! Like he really needed one

18 Sep

Well, it looks like the only man on the planet who doesn’t need a job, was hired by Rachel Ray’s folks. Yes, Regis Philbin, that all around 81-year-old funny man actually landed a part-time gig with Rachel Ray. Let me stop here and say I have always liked Regis. I remember him when he was just starting out in Hollywood. He was on a local Los Angeles tv channel with the host of the show being Joey Bishop, another all around great and entertaining guy. They were great to watch as I grew up.  But if there was every a guy who didn’t need a job financially, it is Regis. While I didn’t mean for this blog to be one of conspiracy theorists, you have to ask:  What was the  problem with, “Live with Regis & Kelly?” Some people said he was leaving because he was unhappy, but Regis said no, that wasn’t the reason. Hum. Makes me wonder.  What makes a man who is worth millions want to go and get a part-time gig? Truly, he didn’t need the job, or the money. Is Regis silently sending a message back to his former co-workers? If they had listened to him, and made changes, would he have stayed? Or perhaps, like a divorce, things had gotten far past that point, and it was un-repairable. Personally, I don’t believe in divorce. I think things can always be talked out and repaired, but maybe that’s the optimist in me. Both parties have to be happy, and agree with one another. Or maybe Regis like may folks his age, was so used to getting up and going to work, that he just missed the  routine, and wanted to feel needed? The only person who  know  is Regis, and he’s not saying anything, well at least for now.Regis Philbin

Regis lands a new job
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