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15 Sep

getty fire

Los Angeles View 2011 Los Angeles View 2011 (Photo credit: █ Slices of Light █▀ ▀ ▀)

Getty fire

Well my friends, it is almost 10:30a.m., and looking outside, I can already tell that it is going to be another hot day, here in Ventura.  I can feel the warmth  of the sun. The temperature gauge already reads 90  degrees for my area! Don’t know exactly how hot it will be today because my temperature gauge has already exceeded what has predicted for my area! Interesting. Yesterday, I was watching the Los Angeles news at 4p.m., and they were covering a brush fire (which usually happens during hot weather) off the San Diego Freeway near the world-famous Getty museum. I could not find any information this morning about the fire being out, but I hope that they got it under control. It was interesting to watch the giant airplanes go to the ocean and scoop up water. Then, they would drop it over the fire. They did this several times. Well, nothing on the radar for today. Going to continue writing my book.  You have a  cool day!

Update 1:23p.m. I just checked and apparently the L.A. Fire Department was able to put out the fire. Yea! Congrats to them on a wonderful

job! Considering all the dangers involved, theirs is not an easy task. I salute them. The Getty museum is open, and the public is allowed inside. I have never taken the tour, but I hear from friends that it is awesome. Perhaps one day I can do that, and report back to you.

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