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Maybe because it’s Christmas? Or is it just great customer service?

19 Dec

Wow!  Just last week,  I read an article online about a lady who ordered (1) I pad from Best Buy, and received (5) in the box when it arrived at her home!! She contacted BB,, and what was their response? Gonna ahead and keep the other 4, or give them away as gifts. Now, that’s the last thing I would have expected from a major retailer.  Or maybe because it’s Christmas time, somebody at BB felt good about the spirit of giving? Then, it also happened to a second woman. She also ordered (1) I pad, and received 5 in the box. She too contacted BB, and received the same answer from their customer service representative.  I wonder if  the customer service rep had to ask their boss what to do? Or, did they just make the decision on their own?  The second woman is keeping the other 4 in the same box in her closet, because she still believes that BB is going to knock on her door any day and demand them back! I seriously doubt it.

Well, something nice happened to me with DirecTV, and I thought I would share it with you. First of all, their customer service reps are the best in the world. I’ve been a new subscriber since September 6, 2012, and I always get somebody nice on the telephone, who thanks me for my being their customer. I appreciate that. I called them yesterday, and took advantage of their ExtraHD channels for a FREE, 3 month trial offer, that they had sent me via email. But, as soon as I hung up, my HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime stopped working. So when I called to report it, “Mark” apologized for that happening, and told me because it was their error, that he would only charge me for HBO & the Starz channels, at a discounted rate. He gave me Showtime & Starz, FREE for 3 months! Now, you can’t beat that.  Mark didn’t put me on hold to ask his supervisor anything.  He made that decision as we spoke. I told Mark that I am very happy and satisfied with DirecTV. Seems every time I call DirecTV, they have something nice for me, and not because it is Christmas. They are much better than the cable company I had been with the previous 5 years. They never offered me any discounts, and they won’t be getting back my business anytime soon! I am curious though. If you are currently a DirecTV customer, are they always this nice, or is it just because I’m a fairly new customer? I would appreciate a response from anybody reading this, good or bad, about your experience with DirecTV. So, please let me hear from someone out there. I’d like to believe that they are always this nice!

English: Logo for DirecTV

English: Logo for DirecTV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Logo of Best Buy, US-based retail chain

English: Logo of Best Buy, US-based retail chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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