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Why did Social Security office buy hollow point bullets?

7 Sep

While I’m on the subject of gloom and doom. You must consider this my friends, why did the Social Security recently purchase 174 thousand hollow-point bullets??!! People, there is something wrong with this picture. Yes, our SS offices have armed guards, and they should have them. In today’s society, anybody can walk in there and start shooting up the place.  Some conspiracy theorists  have written that the SS offices are expecting civil unrest from the public, and have to be prepared. Could they possibly be talking about our upcoming Presidential elections? Yet, the SS office has explained that they have 295 officers who go out and investigate SS crimes, and make arrests. Their agents must be armed. But consider this. Did the SS office  switch to hollow-point bullets, and if so, why? This last explanation is kind of weak if you ask me. People, you don’t carry standard ammunition, then suddenly switch to  more lethal kind. What are they expecting? Yes, they have told us that they are running out of money, and may one day have to tell people like me, who rely on that money, that it is no longer there!  What are they hiding, and not telling us? This one bothers me folks, just as much as the increase in earthquakes, and the dead wish. What is truly next? Think about it. Comment are welcomed, and I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Thanks!

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