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22 Feb

Publicity photo of the Bee Gees for the televi...

Publicity photo of the Bee Gees for the television special Billboard #1 Music Awards. Top to to bottom: Maurice, Robin and Barry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: The Bee Gees in Dutch television show...


I’ve been spending the last two weeks watching video of The Bee Gees, one of my favorite all time groups from the 60’s. I have memories of riding with my parents, and listening to their music on am radio, back around 1967. I didn’t know at the time who they were, but I loved their music. I was 10, when I first heard their songs.  Barry,  along with twins Robin & Maurice, who were 3 years younger, decided as young boys that they would one day be famous singers, and they made it. They struggled in the early years, faced doubt, lean years,  and even broke up several times, and going on their own. But fortunate for their fans, they reunited, and went on to make several number one hits, and sold millions of records.  Sadly, Maurice passed away in 2003, and Robin, passed away in 2012. Barry, the oldest and remaining Bee Gee, just started a tour in Melbourne, Australia, this month. He just decided that things are going so well, that he is going to tour the United States next. According to interviews that he gave on YouTube, Barry has said that the music must continue. He has said that it is very difficult for him  since there were 3 brothers in the act, (younger brother Andy Gibb joined them on stage for a while, before going onto a solo career),  but he also said that his music keeps him busy, and this is his way of keeping the memory of the his brothers  alive.  Barry still sounds good at 66, and has incredible energy. His son Steven Gibb  sings and plays guitar in his band. Allow me to be biased here, but this is without a doubt, the best musical group of guys that I have every heard harmonizing. This voices and talent were just out of this world. I am very fortunate to have attended a concert in 1976 in Los Angeles, and I saw them perform their hits, ” Run to Me, Words, Holiday, and to Love Somebody”,  my personal favorite song by the group,  just to name a few.  They  have written songs for numerous other artists, and have won many, many awards, including several Grammys. As song writers, they rank  at number 2 of successful song writers, of  all time, just after Paul McCartney & John Lennon. They were inducted into the song writers hall of fame a few years ago. Not to shabby if you ask me.   While I miss seeing Robin, and Maurice, I am happy to see Barry doing what he loves to do so much.  As long as there is video of the brothers, we will always have great memories, and music from  the brothers Gibb!

English: The Bee Gees in Dutch television show...

English: The Bee Gees in Dutch television show Twien (1968). From left to right: Barry, Robin, y Maurice Gibb Français : Les Bee Gees à la télévision hollandaise (1968). De gauche à droite : Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb. Nederlands: The Bee Gees in het Nederlandse televisieprogramma Twien (1968) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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