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How to get free coupons on products

14 Dec

2010 TUMS Fast Relief 500

2010 TUMS Fast Relief 500 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings. Today I’m going to share with you  a secret on how to save money on the products you buy and use everyday. Some of you may already know about it, and some of you may not. If your like me, you probably read the labels on products to see the ingredients, nutritional value, etc. Have you ever noticed that just about all consumer products have a phone number asking you to call them with any questions or comments about their products? Well, about 3 years ago, I bought an item (I can’t recall what it was) and told the operator how much I liked their product. The woman on the phone asked me for my name and address. When I asked her why she wanted that, she informed me that in appreciation for my taking the time to call them, that she would be sending me some manufacturers coupons for my next purchase of that item. You will need the product package when you call. The operator is going to ask you some questions like the UPC code, and maybe the numbers on the lid of the can. This helps them to identify their product location, and where it was made.  Well, since then, I always call these companies. Sometimes I compliment them, and sometimes I complain that I didn’t like their product. Here is the key. If the person doesn’t offer to send you any coupons, before you hang up, don’t be embarrassed to ask them if they can send you any cents off coupons to save money on your next purchase of that item. Today, I received some coupons in the mail from Campbell’s soup, Tums, and Sparkletts water. I have received coupons ranging from 50 cents, $1.00, and $5.00 off ! Some coupons are marked FREE.  Now, not every company will send you coupons. Sometimes, they will tell you that they don’t do that, and to look in your local Sunday newspaper for coupons. But, most companies will mail you their coupons. Listen, it only takes about 2-3 minutes to make the call. With the high price of food these days, who wouldn’t take advantage of these offers? And, I have never received an unsolicited phone call from unknown companies by doing this, that is the good news. These companies want your feedback. They want to hear if you like their product, or maybe you have an idea on how they can improve their product. They really appreciate your call. Over the last 3 years, I have saved a lot of money by doing this. Last month, Campbell’s sent me four $2.00 off coupons on their chunky soup products after I called them. They even sent me another four coupons about a week ago with a letter saying that since I was nice enough to call them, they wanted me to have some more coupons. I took them to the store, and that week, the soup was on sale. It normally cost $2.25 a can where I shop, and the sale price was $1.50. So, I was able to get four cans for free. Now this doesn’t pertain onlyLogo of Campbell's Soup Company

to food items. Just look at everyday items you use like toothpaste, or body wash. They all have a phone number, email address, or snail mail address to write to. So why not give it a try? You are using their products anyway, so why not save some money where you can? Keep a list of the companies that you have called, and don’t call them every week hoping to get coupons. I usually wait about a month or two before calling them again.  I hope that whoever reads this will take advantage of this feature, and save some money. Until next time, take care.

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