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What is your biggest fear?

10 Sep

Been thinking folks. What is your biggest fear? I mean of all the things in your life, what is the one thing that keeps you awake at night, and  you can’t sleep? Is is the a fear of the dark? Or, maybe when you were younger, and your Mom or Dad, put you to bed, what noises did you hear coming out of the closet? Did you actually believe that something was in there? Could it be as simple as a fear of bees, or if you are a Father, maybe losing your job? How will you provide for the family? Or maybe you have a real fear of water, or spiders? Yuk! I know I don’t like spiders. But I don’t fear them. What’s that you ask? What is my biggest fear?  I would say at this point in my life, and having it already happened to me, would be the fear of having to bury another one of my children. Nothing can ever prepare you for that. So there’s my answer. Sure, there are many other things that bother me, but I don’t fear them. I overcome them! And, so should you. Let’s face it. The economy is not stable. Nothing is guaranteed. The job you have today, maybe gone tomorrow. Your marriage could crumble. The bank could take your home. There are so many. But my point is this; don’t spend too much time dwelling on these things. Most of the time, the things you worry about, don’t even come to pass. Recently, I thought something bad was going to happen to me, and lo and behold, I made it through with flying colors. So, don’t give yourself an ucler. Live your life as you should. One day at a time!

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