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The murder of a beloved American President

22 Nov

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clint Hill jumping on the presidential limousi...

Clint Hill jumping on the presidential limousine, as captured on the Zapruder film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dallas, Nov 22, 1963. At 12:30p.m., Dallas time, shots rang out and John F. Kennedy was murdered while riding in a motorcade in that city. It’s been 49 years! After all this time, you would think that our government would have discovered the truth instead of suppressing it. There had to have been a second or even a third shooter. There are too many unanswered questions. Why did most of the eye witnesses suddenly die soon after giving their testimony? Why was the Warren Report doctored with lies? If only Abraham Zapruder had kept panning his camera to the right we might have seen another shooter at the grassy knoll. I recently saw a documentary with all of Kennedy’s  Secret Service men returning to Dallas. The one thing that they said that made any sense was the who ever the shooters were, they had all the cards in their favor that day. Even Clint Hill, the Secret Service man who jumped up on the car said that if only he had reacted a few seconds earlier, he might have saved Kennedy’s life. It took Hill years to forgive himself once he realized that he did all that he could do. One thing is for sure, the killers planned it, and they planned it well. I for one don’t believe that Oswald killed Kennedy. If that was the case, why did Jack Ruby murder him so quickly after the shooting? Next year it will be 50 years. We need to beg Congress to reopen the case, and find out the truth once  and for all. They owe it to a fallen President who didn’t expect to die that day! I was a small boy, but I have never seen so many people both on TV and in my neighborhood cry so much. It went on for a week! We can only hope that history does not repeat itself, and another President’s life is taken by gunshots.

A picture showing the secret agent Clinton Hil...

A picture showing the secret agent Clinton Hill nestling against the fastback of the presidential limousine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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