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Bess Cooper, the oldest living woman in the world, dies at 116

6 Dec

besse-cooperHello faithful readers. A couple of days ago, while I was surfing the net, a story caught my attention. Guinness had named Bess Cooper, of Monroe, Georgia, as the oldest living person in the world at age 116. Miss Cooper had passed away peacefully in her sleep last Tuesday, at a nursing home where she was living. The title now goes to Miss Dina Manfredini, of Iowa, at 115. Now, just for the record, with all the ways  that you can pass away, like painfully from some disease, or from a sudden heart attack, I think that’s the way that I want to go, peacefully in my sleep. With all the pain that I have been living with in the last ten years, you can’t blame me for requesting to go out that way, but that’s now up to me.  Speaking of disease, I saw something on HBO on Alzheimer’s disease. A doctor  on the program had a great definition for disease: diseases are chemical reactions gone wrong in the body. When you think about it, this makes total sense.  After all, cancer is a bunch of normal cells that have grown and multiplied and gone bad in your body. Apparently, Miss Cooper was smart and alert. At  age 111,  she was still reading books! Her doctors were very impressed at what she could do at her age. It got me to thinking. Would you want to live to be that old? What about all of her friends and relatives that she had outlived? I was thinking because of this that maybe she had lived a lonely life, but there is no evidence of that. When I was thirty, one of my co-workers was getting ready to retire. He would come in and rub his neck, wince in pain, and sigh. I would often ask him if he was okay. His reply to me was, ” Don’t ever get old Mike. You have nothing to look forward to but aches and pains.” I found out later that he was right. Unfortunately aches and pains do come on as your grow older. Some people are very fortunate to have never been sick, and live a pain-free life. But most of us do get sick and suffer from one thing or another. Well, I’m happy for Miss Cooper. Look, you never know when your number is up, and you are out of here. Until then, all I can suggest is that you live your life the way that you want to. If traveling is your thing, and you can afford it , well, good for you. If you are heavily into playing sports, I think that’s awesome. Whatever you do, I hope that you live well, and stay healthy!

What about you? At what age would you like to live until? Feel free to leave a comment. I appreciate it. 

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