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Your right to vote

11 Oct

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A voter returns his vote-by-mail ball...

English: A voter returns his vote-by-mail ballot in the 2006 General elections in Lane County, Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I spent this morning going over my election ballot and voting my choices for U.S. President, state propositions, and local measures. This is something that I have done since I was 18. There were 2 things that I really looked forward to when I was in my teens. One was getting my driver license, and the other was the right to vote. Yes, it is a right. Something that was given to all of us many years ago. I have a friend that doesn’t even vote anymore. He is disgusted with the way things are, and says that his vote doesn’t matter. I disagree with him. First of all,  your vote does matter. It allows you an individual to express yourself. Secondly, I’ve learned a long time ago that when the government gives you something-take it! Don’t pass it up. Especially if you can use it. Others disagree, and that’s okay too. I like voting. So maybe my candidates won’t win. I have voted in the past where all of my choices didn’t even make it. That’s okay. I still am pleased that I did my duty as an American to express my desires and wishes in our country. Voters are like money. The more you have does make a difference. I know, I know. I can hear others out there that are saying what about the Bush-Gore election? Was it right for the Supreme Court to jump in and decided who won? I say no. It didn’t make a difference how long it would have taken, they should have had everyone vote again. Why? Because it was the only way to make sure that the voice of the American people was being heard. Look elections aren’t perfect. And, I would have to be pretty naive to not believe that there is some corruption that goes on with voter fraud. I believe that for the most part, elections are honest. There are safeguards in place to help make sure this happens. This is not to say that elections are foolproof. Everybody makes mistakes, and often do. But until we can come up with a more fool-proof way of voting and eliminating voter fraud, this will have to do for now. Oh! I almost forgot. I was telling you that I filled out my ballot this morning. I then mailed it. This works great for me since it is hard for me to get to the polls on election day. So whether you vote or choose not to, at least you have the option. Think about those countries where the people don’t have the right to vote. Their leaders are chosen for them. May that never happen in the United States!

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