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Things we don’t like to think about

6 Oct

Gasoline Stations #2: CEPSA elf

Gasoline Stations #2: CEPSA elf (Photo credit: Fran Simó)

Oil Drilling Platform in the Santa Barbara CA ...

It’s inevitable. We all are born, we live so many years in between, and then, we will eventually die. We don’t like to think about that. At least I know I don’t. I concentrate in the here and now. Since I am on Social Security, and depend on it for an income, (this is money that I have worked on over my youth and have already put into the system, so I am just now collecting) I wonder. Will it be there in another 20 years? I just read an article that stated that SS would go bankrupt in 2023 are our present rate. Unless the government comes up with another way to put money back into the system. What a mess!  It amazes me how the United States can spend more money that it takes in, and then wonders, why we are so far into debt. It’s basic mathematics. You cannot continue to spend more than you make. Any person with a household budget understands this. So why doesn’t our government get it? Or does it even care. One of the things that President Obama pledged to do when he ran for President was to go through the house budget line by line. He promised to cut out areas of waste. Well, as far as I know, he never kept this promise. This doesn’t mean that somebody on his staff couldn’t. He should have appointed a committee on it. In the meantime, unless our Democrats and Republicans stop this excessive spending, and tighten up their belts, we are headed for disaster. Recently, gasoline prices went up 19 cents overnight in California! Overnight! They blame it on a shortage, and a refinery fire we had earlier this year. Yet, when the news media interviews drivers at the pump, they all say the same thing, what you gonna do? Drivers don’t like it, but they love their cars. Some threaten to take the bus,  while others said they work out of their cars all day, and it would not work out for them. We became far too dependent on middle east oil a long time ago. Yet, I hear that we have plenty of oil offshore in the ocean. I am old enough to remember the 1969 oil spill off the Santa Barbara, California coast. We kids would go down to the beach, and there was oil everywhere! Birds were saturated in it, and often died. This was before dawn detergent which they now use to scrub oil off of birds. It was a  mess. So what is a person supposed to do?  Sit here and not worry about gas prices or Social Security? No! It’s called life, and as long as we are members of this human race, we learn to cope and endure. But I do agree that we need to cut the tie that binds us to oil. It’s no fun being a puppet to another just because they have all the goods, and they can charge you whatever they want for it. It’s called holding something hostage. To those greedy persons  I say don’t hold us hostage. For you too may find yourself in the same boat. You never know.

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