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How’s the weather?

31 Jul

So far this summer, it has been fairly nice here in Ventura. Not too hot, compared to let’s say Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, Nevada, where it is always hot. As I write this, it is about 65 degrees outside with a nice, cool, breeze. It is 10:30pm. If you happen to be reading this, I would appreciate a comment from you about where you live in the world, and what the weather is like. I’m just curious. I realize that  summer is not done yet, and we are entering August, but I hope that the weather stays nice. Saw an interesting post tonight that NASA has some sort of vehicle that is supposed to land on the surface of Mars on Aug 5th. It will be touching down at 10:30p.m., my time, so I plan to  watch it on the NASA website. Not sure if any of the television channels will be covering it. My cable company charges extra for that channel. So, thanks to the internet, I should be able to watch it. How is your country doing in the Olympics? Have they won any medals? Of course, I’m rooting for the United States. But, I wish all the competitors good luck!


Tuesday afternoon

31 Jul

Well, all this time and I didn’t even realize that I am the wrong time setting on my blog. Thanks Liew for the information.

Beautiful Photography from Liew Chi Khong!!

25 Jul

Take a moment and visit my friend Liew Chi Khong’s blog!! Just click on the link about one of his great photographs above!



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Chad Everett has died

25 Jul

I know that during the course of a day, many people die. I have had my experience of having to deal with this process as my own daughter died in 2005, and during all my hospital visits in the last two years, I witness others dying. This is a very sad, and personal blog for me to write. Sherman Hemsley joins the latest list of actors to die in just this month alone. He brought many laughs to people, including myself.
Two  of my favorite actors that passed away (to use a better word), were James Arness & Ernest Bornine. Mr. Arness passed away in 2011, but I wanted to pay him homage here. While I never personally met Mr. Borgnine,  I have heard it said that he was a very kind and nice man. That he was a pleasure to meet. I’m only sorry that I didn’t get a chance to meet him. One of my favorite movies that he made was Marty for which he beat out several other famous actors at the time. He wrote in his book that he didn’t think that he would win that night. He was up against a friend and co-star, Frank Sinatra at the time.  I just think it’s sad that the american movie and television watching audience is losing some talented people. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about it. The Bible even tells us that there is a time and season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:2 a time to be born, and a time to die) My point is that even though this must happen, it seems to be happening a lot especially this month, and that is what I find so sad. The good news is that because of film and DVD’s, we can continue to see their excellent work. Even those who have never heard of these people can simply use a search engine and find out who these great people were. I hope that the remaining actors that we still  have will us like, Jack Klugman, and Mickey Rooney, just to name a couple of elderly men , are doing okay and are in good health. My congratulations to those who lived to a great old age, whether they are still with us or not. I welcome your comments on this subject.

Kudos to runners everywhere

25 Jul

Let me explain about the title. If you are a good friend of mine, you already know that in Nov 2009, I had gastric bypass surgery because of several life threatening health problems. I’m happy to say that the problems are all gone like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Anyway, My mail carrier gets here to my apartment complex everyday at noon. If I miss him, then I have a second source to mail my letters and bills-yes; folks! I still mail my bills and use postage, I’m old-fashioned! There is a copy center on the corner of the nearby shopping center, and she takes the mail to the post office at 4:30p.m. Well, it was 4:25p.m., and wouldn’t you know it, my maintenance man showed up unannounced about the leaky faucet I told him about 2 weeks ago! So, I’m trying to get him to hurry, and he was able to fix the problem in under a minute. So, I said goodbye, and I literally ran down to the corner. Here’s the thing. I thought since I had lost 168 pounds, that I would be able to run there with no problem. WRONG! I was winded and tired in about a minute. The best that I can figure out is that I’m not in shape to run, and have to do some training to do so. So, my hat is off to you runners out there that I see running around the city and my neighborhood. I can only imagine what kind of training you must do to become adequate at running!

Summer and hot weather

25 Jul

Well, it’s Tuesday. We haven’t reached the mid-point of our week yet. But, it’s beautiful outside. This summer weather has been good, not too hot. I don’t like hot weather. You have to do everything you can just to cool off. That is unless you  are fortunate enough to have air conditioning, or a pool outside! For the rest of us who don’t, we have to find a friend with a pool, or go to the supermarket, or the mall. I mean, just somewhere to cool off! Here is a picture courtesy of my friend Liew Chi Khong. If this doesn’t make you thirsty, I don’t know what will.

The Painted Darkness by Brian James Freeman

24 Jul

    Hi all. If you like spooky stories, then you must read my friend Brian James Freeman’s  book, “The Painted Darkness.” It is an awesome book and I really enjoyed reading it. You can get it right now at, or from Also, check out Brian’s cool site at He always has some great photos and something interesting to read there. One of my favorites!

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