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Skip the service dog who saves lives!

7 Mar

Today, after going to the lab to get my  blood drawn for testing per my doctor’s orders, I went into the pharmacy to have some medication filled. While I was waiting in line, there was a nice looking woman with a beautiful dog on a leash sitting at her feet. The dog had a sign he was wearing that read “service dog.” Now, I had always thought that a service dog helped the blind and the handicapped, but the woman didn’t appear to be in bad health. This dog kept looking up at me, and just made me smile. I am not a dog owner, but I really liked this dog. I asked the woman if I could pet her dog, and she responded yes. She told me that his name was “Skip,” and I asked her what type of service dog he was. She told me an interesting story. She said that Skip actually helped other dogs by giving them his blood. They had both just come from the vet, and that Skip was kinda of out of it since they take about four vials from his chest. She said that Skip has never once complained, or yelped, or tried to bite the vet. I can only imagine that it hurts, but he takes it like a champ.  She went on to tell me that Skip is a mixture of a dachshund and a Labrador. She rescued him from a shelter a few years ago, and her vet asked if she wouldn’t mind if Skip could become a blood donor. Dogs do not have blood types like people, so Skip’s blood can be transfused to any breed of dog. However, once a dog receives Skip’s blood, then that dog can only receive Skips blood in the future if it is needed. I thought this was very interesting. She proudly told me that Skip has saved six dogs in the last five years, who would have died without the blood transfusion. Having had blood transfusions myself over the past few years, I could relate to her story. So, I leaned down, and allowed Skip to sniff my hand, then I proceeded to pet him and to stroke him.  Hey, I watch the dog whisperer, so I now how to do this! I’m only sorry that I didn’t have a camera with me to take Skip’s picture, so that I could post it for you, but believe me, he is a very adorable dog. After today, I plan to take my camera with me every time I leave my home.

Billy The Service Dog Plays In Wilson Lake

Billy The Service Dog Plays In Wilson Lake (Photo credit: pmarkham)

Soon, other people showed up in line, and they asked the woman about Skip, and she proceeded to retell his story all over again. She didn’t seem to mind. So, today, Skip is my hero. He is 2 and a half years old, and not very big, but he certainly has a big heart! This picture is the closest one that shows what Skip looks like.

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