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Crazy world we are living in

24 Aug

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV only to find out that there has been a shooting outside New York’s Empire State building. Two people are dead, and 9 hurt. People, we need to change this. As long as we are living in a world where everybody does not want to play by the rules, these things are going to happen. Evil lurks its ugly head in the most kind places. I won’t get into the whole guns don’t kill people, people kill people debate. I have my own opinion, as do you. Imagine what would happen if everybody driving suddenly stopped adhering to the rules. Can you imagine the amount of traffic accidents that would occur? I mean our world needs improvement, but it has to start with us. It was incredible after 9/11. I saw so many people being nice to one another, it was awesome. Then, we got lazy, and went back to ourselves. I am not counting out the many people who for some reason, just snap, and lose their sense of reasoning, and go on a shooting rampage. I am sorry that I am writing such a down beat post today, but something had to be said about all the senseless tragedies out in our world. Let’s do our part to make this place a little safer for everyone that lives here! Being kind to one another is a good beginning.


Dear Reader,

24 Aug

Please do me a favor. If you happen to come across my blog, could you please leave me  a comment? It doesn’t have to be long. Just a couple of words like, hey this was nice, or I didn’t like it. This will let me know that somebody is actually reading my work. I really would appreciate it. I  hope that you like my writing. You can even rate it at the top by giving it how every many stars you would like. I even invite your criticism. Tell me what you liked or disliked about the blog. I won’t bite, I promise. I am a nice guy, really! I’m new here, but I’m still waiting for someone to hit the “like” button.  Okay, well thanks for your time. I know that people are stopping by, but nobody seems to want to leave me any feedback, and that’s okay too. But we writers are neurotic. We need to know that we are doing something worthwhile. And, that we are entertaining the reader. I very much appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to come back again soon. Take care of  yourself. Remember, you’re a stranger here but once!


22 Aug

While I’m on the subject of favorite TV shows from the past, I thought I’d share one more with you. Adam-12 is a cop show from the 1970’s. At this point, I’m probably dating myself, haha. It ran for 7 season on NBC,  Sept 28, 1968- May 20, 1975. In fact for you collectors out there, Season 7 just came out on DVD, and is available. It starred Martin Milner, who is 80 now, and Kent McCord. Milner retired and lives in the San Diego area, and McCord lives in Los Angeles. According to McCord’s website, he stays in touch with Marty Milner and his wife, and Kent and his wife visit them often. It was a great show and was responsible for getting me into law enforcement. Of course, law enforcement has changed over the years, but many state that this show helped LAPD publicly during it’s run. I remember this show ran on Saturday nights from 8-9 p.m. It too, was a favorite of mine. The acting was great, and so was the writing. Thank you for allowing me a trip down memory lane tonight. It bring a big smile on my face.

The Fugitive TV series from the 60’s.

22 Aug

I must share with you a favorite TV show of mine. Remember, this was well before the movie with the same title with Harrison Ford. But,  just as there is only one James Bond, played by Sean Connery, there is only one Dr. Richard Kimble, and that was the great actor, David Janssen. The show had 4 seasons and ran from 1963-1967. There were 150 episodes of 51 minutes, not including those dreadful commercials. This show is important to me because I remember my mother and I would watch the show at night. It ran on ABC in black & white, with the final season being shown in color. What made this show so awesome (besides David Janssen’s great acting) was that every week, Dr. Kimble would travel from city to city in search of the one-armed man who was there on the night of his wife’s murder. This show actually packed up, and traveled to each city in the script. How do I know? Because the 7th episode was filmed in Santa Barbara, California, my hometown. I remember as a child  the adults all abuzz because the show had set up cameras, etc, on our wharf. I had to go to school, but man, what I would have given to play hooky, and to have gone down to the wharf just to see the action. The only other big show at that time was Batman, and they also chose to film the 1966 Batman movie on our wharf. Again, I was in school, and missed out. Anyway, George Eckstein, a writer and producer, wrote the final 2 part episode of the show. This decision will go down in history.  The final episode was called The Judgment. It was aired in 2 parts, on 2 Tuesdays, August 22, and August 29, 1967. It brought ABC its highest ratings ever.  Janssen reported being in a motel (he was filming The Green Berets with John Wayne in Georgia) and had to watch the show on a small portable TV set. If you search the net, you can find a picture of him in that hotel watching! It was an awesome show. Clean, with minimal violence, and not like today’s shows where there is so much profanity and violence one finds it difficult to sit through a viewing. Too bad they don’t make shows like those anymore. A real classic. Sadly, Janssen, one of my heroes, died on October 4, 1975 from a heart attack. Rest in peace my brother, and thank you for the memories of The  Fugitive.

The wicked news media

22 Aug

Forget the wicked witch of the East, the problem we have is with the wicked news  media. I mean, why is it that whenever some news event happens, they take the story, sensationalize it, and run with it. They try to milk all the controversy that then can out of it until the next major news even happens. Case in point. The chick-fil-a controversy. All the major networks ran with it until something new and exciting happens. The funny thing is, I can’t even remember what story knocked it out of first place! The most recent thing that they have their claws into is the stupid comment that Senator Todd Akin made. Even he realized later that his comments were offensive, and apologized a little too late. As soon as the next major story breaks, everyone will be saying, Senator who?? But, what can you do. I remember years ago, a neighbor wanted to fumigate his apartment across from ours. He left out a can of bug spray that starting spraying, then he left. The problem was he forgot to turn off his pilot light! Then, boom!! The whole apartment complex shook from the force of the explosion. The local news media showed up along with the fire and police departments. I watched as the lovely young lady looked around, then turned to her cameraman and said, ” There’s no story her. Nobody died!” I thought that was so insensitive, but that’s the way the media thinks. Get the biggest and juiciest story out there! How sad really. So, we have to put up with this nonsense for now. I don’t see the news media changing their way. What would happen if everyone woke up one day only to find out that nothing happened overnight? I mean, there was peace in the middle east, nobody killed anybody. It was a quiet night. Oh, what would the all mighty news media do then? Makes you wonder.

How to change your world

22 Aug

So, have you been wondering what can I do to change my world? Well, I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities should you surf the internet. That’s exactly what I  did recently, and I found an interesting site: There you can start a petition,  or even  join an ongoing one by submitting your name.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page at, you will see their mission objective. The goal of the site is three-fold 1. to start a petition. 2. to mobilize support. 3. to win change. The site has some tips and guides on how to start a petition,        and then when you have enough support, how to go to the company where the problem exsists, and to speak with the powers that be. They even show some recent successful petitions that won enough support, and were able to get some companies to comply with the request. I think that is awesome! One example  of a petition is a man in Ventura who went to a 76 gas station, used his debit card, and found out  that 76 had placed a $75.00 hold on his account. This resulted in an overdraft in his checking account. This is not fair, and I wasn’t even aware that gas stations could do that!  He has started a petition to get 76 to stop doing that. I fully support him on that one. I’m planning on starting a few of my own.

What I like about the site is that you can browse the site for any ongoing petitions including  animal rights, economic justice, criminal justice, and human rights just to name a few. I even found a few that are important and relevant to me. So, if you think that this is something you would like to do, go to and check out the site. Do your part to make this a nicer world for all of us.

TV tonight, and nothing to watch

22 Aug

I’m sitting on my bed channel surfing. On CBS they are showing Big Brother. I don’t follow this show, so I can’t tell you much about it. Then ABC is has a show called The Middle. Again, I don’t know anything about this show. NBC has America’s got talent. I don’t care for Sharon Osbourne, or Howard Stern. I will say that the acts on stage range from interesting  to insane! The CW is showing a program called Sit on it! I can just imagine what that is about. Fox has So you think you can dance. My point is this. There is nothing to watch!! You would think that prime time what have something that would interest me. I mean, I’m not that hard to please. I think it’s sad that I can’t find anything to watch and what’s even worse, it that all these stations can’t come up with something to catch my attention for at least one hour. My cable company can’t even provided something interesting for me to watch. So, I am going to finish this blog, turn off the TV, and pick up a book and do some reading. Probably a better choice in the long run.

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