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My daughter’s car accident

8 Dec


Moulage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Motor vehicle accident following a ve...

English: Motor vehicle accident following a vehicular pursuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello readers! My daughter telephoned me about five hours ago. I could tell immediately by the sound of her voice that something was terribly wrong. She was in her car, and had just been in an accident. She told me that her car was totaled  and that the fire department was trying to get her out of the car. I immediately asked her if she was okay as I didn’t care about her car. You can always get another car, but not another daughter. She told me that she was okay, but just a little confused. I told her to make sure that they took her to the hospital to get checked out. She lives in Las Vegas so it wasn’t like I could jump in my car and rush to the scene.  It made me think about the time when my daughter Michelle, was little. Our children depend upon us to take care of them. We wipe their runny nose, give them liquid aspirin when they have a fever, assure them that there is no monster under the bed at night, comfort them when they cry, and rush them to the hospital when they hurt themselves. I took my son to the emergency room more than my daughters. Somehow, boys just seem to hurt themselves more than girls. Let’s face it. Girls are smarter. They usually think before they act. My son was daring. He would climb the nearest tree branch, and then jump off. He would always insist that I watch him too. I would usually cringe and say a quick prayer that he would be okay, but I never stopped him unless I knew for a fact that he was going to hurt himself. When he became a teen, he wanted a skateboard. With much reservation, I bought him one. I insisted that he  always wear a helmet. He reluctantly agreed. Then our children get a driver’s license. That’s when the real worrying begins. But my children have driven me around town and with the forty years of professional experience that I have  as a driver including driving trucks for companies, they asked me for my opinion. I gave them high marks. But, you can’t be there with them every time they get behind the wheel. Accidents happen, it’s a fact of life. You just hope and pray that everything will be okay. Well, I heard from my daughter a little while ago. While she is still shaken, she will be all right. Her aunt is picking her up at the hospital and arranging for a rental car so she can get to work. She will just need the rest of the weekend to recover mentally. I’m very grateful that things turned out the way that they did. I’ve offered a prayer of thanks that she is still here.  My oldest daughter passed away in 2005. I was not looking forward to going to another funeral, and I don’t know if I could have handled it if Michelle had been killed. Your children are not supposed to pass away before you do, but sadly, it happens. The doctors told her that she was very lucky. Most people would have been decapitated in the type of accident that she was in. I’m very grateful for the angels that surrounded her and her vehicle! Thank God she is going to be okay. So if you have little children, tonight when you tuck them in bed, give them a big kiss and a hug. If you have grown children, call them and make sure that they are doing okay. Time moves fast. Take care of yourselves and be safe!


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