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Women are wonderful!

14 Sep


Childbirth (Photo credit: popularpatty)

Today, I ‘d thought I’d write about something that has been on my mind for a long time. I have always admired the way that a woman can carry a child for nine months, and then  go through all the intense pain of childbirth. I admire any woman who can do that! I know I couldn’t! My wife did it 3 times for the births of both my daughters, and then my son. I believe that’s why my wife took out first daughter’s death so hard. I don’t believe that she is done grieving. I don’t know that feeling of having something growing inside of you. To feel each movement of the child. I remember, our second daughter, would love to play inside of her when it was our time for bed. Eleven o’clock would roll around, and we were both tired,  but out little “scooter” (the name that  I would eventually nickname her) was up and ready to play. Many times my wife would tell her to “quit it,” as she would do somersaults and cartwheels inside her belly for hours! While I’m at it, another thing is that  today, and back then, the doctor can usually tell you the sex of the child before birth. We said no all 3 times. We sort of liked the surprise that God gave us each time. That’s a whole nother story that I may share with you sometime, faithful reader. Well, here is my salute to women everywhere. God bless you !

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