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A book less library to open?

15 Jan

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Sorry folks that I haven’t written in a while. I try to write everyday, but nothing has inspired me to write. That is until today. When I woke up, I was watching the local news from Los Angeles, and they reported that a library in San Antonio plans to open a book less library. Say it isn’t so!  The library will have computers with access to E-books, but no paper books. And you can’t bring any personal devices to this library like Kindles. I guess this will work, but I do have mixed feelings about this idea. I have to admit that it will be cheaper for the libraries should they all decide to go this route. They won’t have to come up with funds to buy new books. My brother received a Kindle fire for Christmas and he boasted about being able to access E-books (loans) from libraries as far away as Los Angeles. If this works for him and others, that’s great. But I am going to have a hard time switching over to E-books. I like paper books. I buy several a year. Their is just something about the feel of holding, and reading a book. I want to be able to turn back and review pages that I have already read if I want to. I know what you are thinking, You can do this will devices like Kindles, I pads and cell phones, but to me, it’s just not the same.   And what about bookstores like Amazon, and Barnes and Noble? Will they discontinue paper books in favor of E-books? I realize that E-books are fairly cheap to buy at 99 cents, for now. But what about all the authors and publishers who depend on their income from hard cover book sales? Is this fair to them?  One of my favorite things to do is to drive down to the local B&N and sit in one of their over sized chairs (if your lucky enough to grab one), and to browse all the different titles of books, both old and new. So, I guess this is what the future holds for book lovers. I only have two questions. First, if you can borrow E-books from the library, why would you ever need to visit one, when you can just request and read it from your home? And secondly, what are these libraries going to do should a blackout occur, and the power goes out? I guess they will only have to worry about that during the stormy season.  Personally, I will be sorry to see paper books disappear. I can only hope that their are other people who feel like I do, and want paper books to continue. Call me old fashioned, that’s okay with me.

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