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Latest world’s oldest living person passes away

17 Dec

Guinness Book of World Records

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On my Dec 6th, 2012, blog entry, I wrote that Bess Cooper had passed away at the age of 116, and that Dina Manfredini, age 115, of Iowa, had inherited the title of the world’s oldest living person according to the Guinness book of records. Ms. Manfredini was able to hold onto that record for two weeks. Sadly, she too passed away yesterday. She had been living in a nursing home in Johnston, Iowa. That title now belongs to a Mr. Jiroemon Kimura, a Japanese man, who is just 15 days younger than Ms. Manfredini. Here I am with my poor health trying to survive day-to-day, and I find it remarkable that these 2 women  lived as long as they did. I can only pray that I live to a good old age. One thing is certain. When my time is up, I will be ready to go home and be with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so I don’t fear death. It is just a transition into another realm as far as I am concerned. Don’t get me wrong. I want to stick around and enjoy life like everyone else. In biblical times, especially in the old testament, it was not uncommon for people to live a hundred years or more. But with diseases, air pollution, and other environmental factors, things have changed. Every time you get in your car, or travel by airplane, or train, etc, you take the chance that something may happen to you. But, we can’t sit around locked up in our homes and be paranoid.  As we grow older, falls become a concern. I know from personal experience. It was just 2 years ago that I fell at home, and broke my left ankle. Fortunately, it healed up nicely on its own, and I didn’t need surgery, much to the surprise of my doctor, who had planned on putting a metal plate and screws into my ankle. My brother just had neck surgery, and they placed a plate and rods in his neck. I was surprised when he told me that he only spent one night in the hospital!  The human body is remarkable as to  how it repairs itself. So, let’s live life to the fullest. We cannot worry about what is going to happen to us every time we head out our door. We shouldn’t focus on the bad, but the good things in life. Nor should we live in fear. Of course, taking care of your body helps tremendously. So eat right, exercise, and don’t be afraid to see your doctor, even when you’re not sick. It’s all about prevention. So to Mr. Kimura, I say, congratulations, and continue to live your life to the fullest. We only get one life and one body. So let’s take care of it. Take care of yourself.


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