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Drones and brush fires, a deadly combination

18 Jul

First of all I will say that I like drones. I believe that they can be useful and might even be fun. However, when I read about brush fires like the one we had on Friday, July 17 in California, where 5 drones were flying in the area, and the firefighters could not make water drops, that really bothers me. You see, by law, firefighters cannot and will not fly in the same airspace where drones are. This is just common sense. For the life of me I cannot understand why the owners and operators of these unmanned aircraft don’t realize this. Or, maybe they do, and for whatever reasons, choose to fly overhead anyway. Firefighters have a tough enough job trying to put out these fires. They are racing both the clock, and sometimes headwinds. They don’t need drones or any other aircraft including television helicopters in the area trying to see what is going on. This is particularly sad news when motorists on the Interstate 15 had to abandon their vehicles and run for safety. Many of them had their vehicle destroyed by flames. California lawmakers must act now to enact legislation which will make it illegal to fly drones in areas where there is a fire emergency, and where they will interfere with the efforts of these brave men and women who are simply trying to do their job. They don’t need to worry about their safety because some drone operators are not thinking clearly. Please, if you own and operate a drone, I beg you to stay out of the area. Let’s allow our firefighters to do the job that they were hired to do.0000drone40000drone1    0000drone3  0000drone6 0000drone7

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