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My HDTV quit working last night

21 Dec

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Well, I went out shopping last night. I came home at 9 p.m., and when I turned on my Insignia HD 42″ TV, it made some popping sounds through the speakers, but the picture never came on. It had been making the sounds for a couple of weeks, so it didn’t surprise me when it wouldn’t work last night. I called the manufacturer, and the tech said that it sounded like it died. I asked him how long these TV’s are supposed to last, and he told me between 2-5 years. Is that all? Are you serious, I wondered.  I think it’s great that technology had replaced the old  and bulky TV’s from years past with thin and sleek High Definition TV’s, but,  with the price that they ask for them, you would think that they would last a little longer than 5 years. I did find out something interesting about myself. I am addicted to watching TV. I tried not to panic as I realized that my constant companion was no longer going to keep me company last night. What would I do to keep busy?  I tried not to panic. Then I thought, why not just rent some movies? So, I did just that. Picked them up at Red box just down the street from where I live. This afternoon, here I am trying to find something to do again to keep busy. I do plan to buy another HDTV today, but I need my neighbor’s help to bring it home. He has a truck.  I’ve done my homework, and found out the best brands to buy in the price range that I want to spend for one. Consumer Reports advised to stay away from Westinghouse brand, as those sets failed most of the  time. So long my old TV. You were a great friend, and you  provided me with 3 years of entertainment. Even during those nights when I fall asleep, and left you on all night.  The great thing about you was that you were free, after winning you in a sweepstakes. So, I can’t complain.

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