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The supposed Mayan prophecy tomorrow 12/21/2012

20 Dec

First of all let me say that I don’t buy it. What makes the Mayans so special, that they would know that the world ends tomorrow many years ago? I can’t find it anywhere in my bible. Don’t you think if they had some special insight into the future, that their race would still be around? There are too many unanswered questions. I don’t expect anything to happen tomorrow, but it case I’m wrong, I’ve asked my friend Liew Chi Khong (, who is a photographer  and is some 16 hours ahead of me, to notify me if anything weird starts happening via Facebook. Enjoy the rest of today, as it maybe our last one on the planet. I doubt it.

Regarding the supposed Mayan prophecy tomorrow 12/21/2012. Public message request to my buddy Liew Chi Khong, who lives in Penang, Malaysia…Hey Liew, since you are 16 hours ahead of me here in California, if the sun should suddenly start doing strange things..before you go crazy taking the wonderful pictures that you take, let me know what is happening, won’t you? Haha!
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