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Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell, Astronaut Apollo 14 Mission, 6th man to walk on the moon

29 Oct

English: Astronaut/Scientist Sally Ride With P...

English: Astronaut/Scientist Sally Ride With Phil Konstantin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Phil Konstantin By Phil Konstantin

Phil Konstantin By Phil Konstantin (Photo credit: Officer Phil)

English: I personally took this photo of NASA ...
English: I personally took this photo of NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell in San Diego. You can see all of my astronaut photos at: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Edgar Mitchell S70-55388

Edgar Mitchell S70-55388 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On doing some follow-up research on Capt. Salas, I stumbled upon Astronaut Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the moon’s surface. He is still alive, and spends his time given speeches and writing books. Dr. Mitchell has stated that he is 90 percent sure that we have been visited by aliens to our planet. What gives this man credibility?  Well, he did walk on the moon, and on the way back, he said that he experienced some sort of soul reality experience. He is very credible to me, and I have visited his website and have spent the last hour reading some of his articles. If a man who went to the moon says that he is 90 percent sure that we have had visitations from other beings, then that is good enough for me.  You can check out Dr. Mitchell’s website at:    I have been a huge follower of the Apollo space programs back in the 1960’s, as I was growing up.  Space exploration fascinated me, so you can imagine how thrilled I was as well as millions of others who witnessed Neil Armstrong, when he stepped on the surface of the moon on July 21, 1969.  I remember it being a bright, sunny, Summer day, and I opened the screen door of our house and kept one foot in the living room. The moon was visible, and overhead. So I was able to see both my TV, as well as the moon. This is something that you never forget.  We all watched live as Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon! Incredible. So thank you Dr. Mitchell, for your contribution to the space program. Without pioneers like you, we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did (space shuttle) in our exploration of space.  Thank you for being bold enough to go and for checking it out for the rest of us.  At 7:46 into his speech, he acknowledges that was are not alone in universe! Very interesting.

English: Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 1...

activity (EVA). Lunar dust can be seen clinging to the boots and legs of the space suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for allowing  me to express my feeling about the subject of UFOs. I am sure that there are many other sites, and speakers on the subject, but there two are very important to me. I hope this does make you stop and think for a moment. What did all those astronauts see? Why were they not allowed to share this information with the public until now? Quit lying to us NASA, U.S. Air Force,  and our government. We need to contact them and demand full disclosure under the Freedom Of Information Act. I now that’s what I plan to do!

My thanks to Officer Phil Konstantin, of the California Highway Patrol, retired, and for use of his Edgar Mitchell picture, while he worked at NASA. Phil’s long career is impressive, and you can see more of all his astronaut photos at  at his website : Phil used to work at NASA and met many famous Astronauts.  Very impressive.  Thanks Phil!

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