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“Thank You” to my friends at The Ventura Fire Department by Michael Limon.

8 Jul

′′Today, Saturday, July 8, 2017 is almost over and it has been yet another very busy day for the Ventura City & County Fire Department, American Medical Response (ambulances), the Coast Guard, and Ocean Rescue. Today alone, these firefighters have handled numerous 911  calls including a call where two ultra light aircraft fell from the sky and crashed into the Pacific Ocean in Oxnard, with two patients that had to be pulled out of the water, and one of the patients needing CPR immediately as the victim was in distress. Most of the general public has no idea of what you go through on a daily basis, but I sure do! I’ve been very fortunate because of my involvement with the Ventura Fire Department to see up close what you go through everyday. I’ve been there standing right next to you on a 9-1-1- emergency call, (sometimes because I placed the call and started medical treatment immediately) watching you do what you must to try to save a victim’s life. I’ve offered whatever emergency treatment that I’ve been trained to do, but I gladly allow you to take over, and you’ve always turned to me afterwards and said, “Thank you Mike for the assist, or great job on this save buddy!”  But you are the professionals, not me. You’ve been trained to save lives first, then property. I’ve been there visiting my firemen friends and watching you train. I see what you go through and how hard you work. The general public has this misconception that firemen just hang around the fire station all day with nothing to do but polish the fire truck. drink coffee, and to try and look busy.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Often times during my brief visit, I don’t even get a chance to talk to you because you are too busy training, or another emergency 9-1-1 call comes in and you have to go. I just want to take a moment to publicly say, “Thank You,” mainly because you don’t hear it often enough, or sometimes, not at all. We expect you to answer our call and to get there quickly! We expect you to work your magic and get us out of that wrecked car, or sometimes we watch as you perform CPR on our loved ones.

truck 4 amr 483 in circle

So  this is my opportunity to publicly say “Thank You” to all my friends at the Ventura City & County Fire Departments. Thank you for responding so quickly when we call 9-1-1 and need immediate assistance. Thank you for coming to our aid (usually within three minutes of the call depending on the traffic)  for a traffic accident, or someone has burned themselves, drowned, or the many others types of emergencies where immediate help is needed. Yours is a very dangerous job, but you’ve always been there day or night, rain or shine, whenever we needed you. Thank you for working on a holiday. When most  people should be home with their families, you are with your ‘other’ family. The men and women you work with everyday. You do this everyday without fail. You do it because you love helping others and because your are very good at what you do! My friends, please be careful out there because we need you!

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NEVER leave a candle burning and go to bed!

18 Jan


File08978 (Photo credit: Ian Fuller)

English: An orange candle burning in a dark en...

English: An orange candle burning in a dark environment with a bright flame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness, at...

English: Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness, at the I Am Ozzy book signing at Changing Hands, Tempe Arizona, Feb 20th, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just read an article on the internet about Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon left a candle burning in a glass vase, something that Ozzie told the Beverly Hills Fire department  that she has been doing for 32 years. Around  5 am  Sharon says she heard a sound, and she thought the housekeeper had come in, and dropped her keys, so she let it go. Minutes later, she couldn’t breathe, and smelled smoke. Ozzie, who has had hand surgery earlier that day, went downstairs only to find that their living room was on fire. He tried to put out the flames with his hand (in was in a cast), then opened a door. Sharon ran to the kitchen, grabbed some water, and threw it on the oily flames. It only spread the fire, and singed Ozzy’s hair and eyebrows. After getting a scolding from the Fire department  she apologized to her husband, and promised never to leave another candle burning in their home, ever. The reason that I am posting this on my blog is to ask that if you burn candles at night, please don’t do it. The Osbourne’s learned that lesson the hard way. I am glad that they were not seriously hurt, and came out of it okay. Lesson learned.

English: Cropped image of Sharon Osbourne at t...

English: Cropped image of Sharon Osbourne at the Concert Industry Consortium (CIC) conference at the Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, in February 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


15 Sep

getty fire

Los Angeles View 2011 Los Angeles View 2011 (Photo credit: █ Slices of Light █▀ ▀ ▀)

Getty fire

Well my friends, it is almost 10:30a.m., and looking outside, I can already tell that it is going to be another hot day, here in Ventura.  I can feel the warmth  of the sun. The temperature gauge already reads 90  degrees for my area! Don’t know exactly how hot it will be today because my temperature gauge has already exceeded what  www.weather.com has predicted for my area! Interesting. Yesterday, I was watching the Los Angeles news at 4p.m., and they were covering a brush fire (which usually happens during hot weather) off the San Diego Freeway near the world-famous Getty museum. I could not find any information this morning about the fire being out, but I hope that they got it under control. It was interesting to watch the giant airplanes go to the ocean and scoop up water. Then, they would drop it over the fire. They did this several times. Well, nothing on the radar for today. Going to continue writing my book.  You have a  cool day!

Update 1:23p.m. I just checked and apparently the L.A. Fire Department was able to put out the fire. Yea! Congrats to them on a wonderful

job! Considering all the dangers involved, theirs is not an easy task. I salute them. The Getty museum is open, and the public is allowed inside. I have never taken the tour, but I hear from friends that it is awesome. Perhaps one day I can do that, and report back to you.

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