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Rest In Peace Ventura County Firefighter Ryan Osler

21 Sep

Ventura County Firefighter Ryan Osler, 38 of Moorpark, lost his life in a traffic accident while he was on his way to fight a fire near Lompoc, California early this morning, September 21, 2016. Ryan had been called to help with a fire in another county away from home.ryan-osler

Ryan was a passenger in a “water tanker” truck which was on its way to put out “hot spots” at the fire.  While I never got a chance to meet Ryan, I know many other of his fellow firefighter brothers at Ventura County Fire. One thing about firemen  they all have the same traits. Like all people, each one of them has different likes and dislikes and are different in that regard. However, each and every one of them also display similarities which are unique to firemen. They exhibit unique bravery in time of fear, an eagerness to get the job done, calmness during an emergency, and they know their jobs, and do them very well.fire-black-band

From fighting fires to answering calls for medical help, they all put on their uniform, report for duty, and never know what type of day  or evening they are going to have. They spend time together at the fire station with their “other family.” Their fellow firefighters. They will spend at least two days away from their own families, living at the fire station, sleeping, eating, working out, washing fire trucks, and mostly  responding to 911 calls for help.  They have no guarantee that they will be coming home to their loved ones. Not every call that comes in is the same. One reoccurring theme that is present with each and every firefighter I have ever met is this: They continually put their own lives at risk to help others.  During a fire, when your mind screams at you to run away from the fire, that’s when they go to work.  Why? Because that’s what they have been trained to do. To them, it is all about saving others. You mention the word hero to a firefighter and they blush. They will be the first to tell you that they are not heros, but rather, just somebody who likes helping people, and trying to save lives. To them, that matters more than being called a hero. Firefighters are a very close-knit type of family and it shows. Today, when Ryan lost his life, his fellow firefighters parked their firetrucks on freeway overpasses from Santa Barbara to Ventura, California. They all saluted Ryan as the hearse carrying his body quietly passed by underneath them on the freeway. They didn’t all have to know Ryan personally or even have worked with the man. All they know is that “one of their brothers” had lost his life, and would be coming home for the last time. No longer would he be required to respond to the fire alarm call for help. His job is now done. The last time I saw a tribute this touching was when the hearse carrying the body  of former President Ronald Reagan was on his way to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley to be honored and buried there. Once before,firefighters had lined up on those overpasses to pay respect for their fallen leader. Ryan Osler was a married father of two children. He was a son, father, brother and husband. Thank you Ryan for being a firemen. Thank you for your service. You could have chosen any other profession but like your father before you, you chose this one. You helped countless number of citizens. Now it’s your time to rest big guy. Rest in peace. Your brother firefighters have it from here. ryan-2ryan


Drones and brush fires, a deadly combination

18 Jul

First of all I will say that I like drones. I believe that they can be useful and might even be fun. However, when I read about brush fires like the one we had on Friday, July 17 in California, where 5 drones were flying in the area, and the firefighters could not make water drops, that really bothers me. You see, by law, firefighters cannot and will not fly in the same airspace where drones are. This is just common sense. For the life of me I cannot understand why the owners and operators of these unmanned aircraft don’t realize this. Or, maybe they do, and for whatever reasons, choose to fly overhead anyway. Firefighters have a tough enough job trying to put out these fires. They are racing both the clock, and sometimes headwinds. They don’t need drones or any other aircraft including television helicopters in the area trying to see what is going on. This is particularly sad news when motorists on the Interstate 15 had to abandon their vehicles and run for safety. Many of them had their vehicle destroyed by flames. California lawmakers must act now to enact legislation which will make it illegal to fly drones in areas where there is a fire emergency, and where they will interfere with the efforts of these brave men and women who are simply trying to do their job. They don’t need to worry about their safety because some drone operators are not thinking clearly. Please, if you own and operate a drone, I beg you to stay out of the area. Let’s allow our firefighters to do the job that they were hired to do.0000drone40000drone1    0000drone3  0000drone6 0000drone7

B-29 Bomber FiFi

28 May

On March 3, 2015, I grabbed my camera and drove to the Camarillo airport in Camarillo, California near my home. They were flying in the only B-29 bomber that still flies around the country. You heard it before you saw it. It sounded like a freight train was approaching. The noise grew louder until finally, it passed overhead. It was a sight to see. Once it landed, I was lucky enough to get in line and take a tour inside. Once I climbed the ladder into the body of the plane, I kept thinking I can’t believe that these men during the war had to fly, eat, and sleep in this thing while it was flying. I had trouble during the brief ten minutes I spent inside. It was beautiful.  I quickly fell in love with this aircraft and I’m sure many other visitors did the same that day. I left the airport that day with a sense of awe, and a new perspective on flying B-29’s.

All photos taken by Mike Limon.  www.facebook.com/mikelimonphotographyIMG_4229IMG_4308IMG_4339IMG_4396IMG_4335IMG_4361

Fallen Heroes : Santa Cruz Detective Elizabeth Butler & Sgt. Loren Baker

26 Feb

I looked  up the definition of the word hero in the dictionary today. It had several meanings, but the best one was “one who shows great courage.” Sadly, two police officers proved this to be true today with their lives.  Until today, the Santa Cruz, California,  police department had never lost anyone in the line of duty. Two of their police officers were killed in a shootout outside a home, where they were investigating a  sexual assault case, about 3 p.m. The  suspected shooter  escaped, but was chased and  killed in a hail of gunfire unleashed by police officers, some thirty minutes later, on Doyle street. Several law enforcement agencies including SWAT and the FBI,  searched the area, but later determined that the shooter acted alone. There was no need for this senseless shooting.  I mean, what was going through the mind of the shooter? What did he do that was so bad that he didn’t want to go to jail? I don’t understand. I can only imagine that this morning the last thing these two heroes were thinking is that they would be shot and killed today. I am sure that officers think about it, but, realistically, for the most part, and speaking from experience, law enforcement is about 99 percent boring! Yes, whether you believe or not, this is true.  But, it is that other 1 percent that makes an officers pulse race, and his/her adrenaline flow. It is not everyday that an officer might pull out their  sidearm out, or to even fire it. But, it does happen.  It is nothing like you see on TV shows. Whenever  an officer fires their weapon, they spend hours being investigated, retelling the events of the shooting, over and over again, to many people, and  spending more hours completing reports in detail. This applies even to accidental discharges.  What about those loved ones and friends that these two officers leave behind? Detective Butler leaves behind 2 small boys, ages 2 & 5.  Time has passed, and things have changed, but I remember a time years ago, when police officers were treated with respect.  Law abiding citizens  never thought of harming a police officer.  Today, criminals have  become more brazen. They  have lost respect for those working in law enforcement. All they see is a badge, the don’t see the person behind it.  If someone is willing to shoot and kill you, then they don’t value a life, much alone their own. There is a reason they call certain  situations  a time of “desperation.” While I didn’t know any of these people, the fact that this is the first time ever that the city has lost an officer in the line of duty, tells me something about the city, and the residents of Santa Cruz. Crime is not biased. It happens everyday, and everywhere. These 2 fallen officers are heroes in my eyes. The fact that they were willing to give up their lives for others when they pinned on that badge, says plenty about them. Dedication, bravery, and the ultimate sacrifice: giving your life for others. Now, that is what a true hero is.

santa cruz officers killed

Meteor fireball explodes over Russia!

15 Feb

English: A fireball Geminids falling earthward...

English: A fireball Geminids falling earthwards. The Draconid meteor shower is expected on October 8, 2011, and may feature up to 1000 meteors falling her hour, according to some astronomers. Almost all meteors burn up and disintegrate long before reaching the surface of the Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you see the footage on the news of the media that landed in Russia? It injured some 400 people, and sent them to the hospital. It also destroy many buildings, and shattered windows, frightening many people. Can you believe this. It would seem that all those movies that came out a few years ago about our earth ending, with meteors striking the earth, proved that this was not just some Hollywood fiction. This can and did actually happen. So are we safe? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how scientist can detect these fireballs well before they strike the earth. While scientist have been following the other asteroid that is passing the earth, but will miss us, apparently the one in Russia came in under their radar, and caught many people off guard. So be careful folks, because when you least expect it, day or night, it will probably happen again. We can only hope that it doesn’t hit any building or kill anyone. Living in California all my life, this is similar to earthquakes out here. We get all excited when a big one hits, and it startles you, but then you make sure everyone is okay, and go about your business as usual. So look up to the skies, and watch out for things falling from the sky that may hurt you!

What I like about the rain

4 Dec

English: Nylex rain gauge 1000 which hold 250m...

English: Nylex rain gauge 1000 which hold 250mm of rain in 1mm increments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Rain (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)


Hello faithful readers! Sorry that I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy writing  some short stories  and keeping a close eye on my health. Not that I haven’t thought about this blog. I think about it everyday. Today, I thought I’d write about the rain. Believe it or not, some people don’t like the rain. They may find it to be  an inconvenience, or maybe the fact that it make the road slick and dangerous, or the fact that is depressing to some. Personally, I enjoy the rain. As I write this, I am looking outside my bedroom window. The sky is gray, overcast, but light, not dark. It is raining, but not hard. If you keep up with the news, you may have seen where Northern California has been deluged with inches of rain. Southern California got its fair share of this downpour, but nowhere near what they are going through to the North of me. It rained steady and hard last weekend.  As I laid in bed listening to the constant downpour, it was almost hypnotizing. Personally, I like listening to the rain. It actually relaxes me, and allows me to concentrate on it, and not the constant pain in my body, so it actually helps me. Besides, there are so many benefits from rain. You all know them. The air is cleaner after it rains, the fact that the ground soaks up the water, and the trees, and plants  around my apartment complex just soak it up like a sponge. When I stop to think about it, we didn’t get much rain this year. So, I am glad to see the water. Like I said before, to others they find it something that they can do without. When I was working years ago, I used to tell my co-workers (I had a desk job) today is a good day for rain,  unless you have to work outside! I used to feel sorry for anyone who drove for a living , and those who couldn’t avoid working outside in the rain. Now for those people, I can understand the rain being a nuisance. So the rain has come, and will soon leave. For now, I am going to enjoy watching those tiny drops of water fall from the sky. When I was little, my mom would look out the window, and upon seeing the rain, she would turn and tell me, “God’s crying for someone today. Look at all his tear drops!” I miss my mom. She passed away in 2002, but just thinking about all the memories we had together brings a smile to my face. So today if it is raining where you are at I hope you get to enjoy some of God’s tear drops! Take care of yourself.




15 Sep

getty fire

Los Angeles View 2011 Los Angeles View 2011 (Photo credit: █ Slices of Light █▀ ▀ ▀)

Getty fire

Well my friends, it is almost 10:30a.m., and looking outside, I can already tell that it is going to be another hot day, here in Ventura.  I can feel the warmth  of the sun. The temperature gauge already reads 90  degrees for my area! Don’t know exactly how hot it will be today because my temperature gauge has already exceeded what  www.weather.com has predicted for my area! Interesting. Yesterday, I was watching the Los Angeles news at 4p.m., and they were covering a brush fire (which usually happens during hot weather) off the San Diego Freeway near the world-famous Getty museum. I could not find any information this morning about the fire being out, but I hope that they got it under control. It was interesting to watch the giant airplanes go to the ocean and scoop up water. Then, they would drop it over the fire. They did this several times. Well, nothing on the radar for today. Going to continue writing my book.  You have a  cool day!

Update 1:23p.m. I just checked and apparently the L.A. Fire Department was able to put out the fire. Yea! Congrats to them on a wonderful

job! Considering all the dangers involved, theirs is not an easy task. I salute them. The Getty museum is open, and the public is allowed inside. I have never taken the tour, but I hear from friends that it is awesome. Perhaps one day I can do that, and report back to you.

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