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“Thank You” to my friends at The Ventura Fire Department by Michael Limon.

8 Jul

′′Today, Saturday, July 8, 2017 is almost over and it has been yet another very busy day for the Ventura City & County Fire Department, American Medical Response (ambulances), the Coast Guard, and Ocean Rescue. Today alone, these firefighters have handled numerous 911  calls including a call where two ultra light aircraft fell from the sky and crashed into the Pacific Ocean in Oxnard, with two patients that had to be pulled out of the water, and one of the patients needing CPR immediately as the victim was in distress. Most of the general public has no idea of what you go through on a daily basis, but I sure do! I’ve been very fortunate because of my involvement with the Ventura Fire Department to see up close what you go through everyday. I’ve been there standing right next to you on a 9-1-1- emergency call, (sometimes because I placed the call and started medical treatment immediately) watching you do what you must to try to save a victim’s life. I’ve offered whatever emergency treatment that I’ve been trained to do, but I gladly allow you to take over, and you’ve always turned to me afterwards and said, “Thank you Mike for the assist, or great job on this save buddy!”  But you are the professionals, not me. You’ve been trained to save lives first, then property. I’ve been there visiting my firemen friends and watching you train. I see what you go through and how hard you work. The general public has this misconception that firemen just hang around the fire station all day with nothing to do but polish the fire truck. drink coffee, and to try and look busy.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Often times during my brief visit, I don’t even get a chance to talk to you because you are too busy training, or another emergency 9-1-1 call comes in and you have to go. I just want to take a moment to publicly say, “Thank You,” mainly because you don’t hear it often enough, or sometimes, not at all. We expect you to answer our call and to get there quickly! We expect you to work your magic and get us out of that wrecked car, or sometimes we watch as you perform CPR on our loved ones.

truck 4 amr 483 in circle

So  this is my opportunity to publicly say “Thank You” to all my friends at the Ventura City & County Fire Departments. Thank you for responding so quickly when we call 9-1-1 and need immediate assistance. Thank you for coming to our aid (usually within three minutes of the call depending on the traffic)  for a traffic accident, or someone has burned themselves, drowned, or the many others types of emergencies where immediate help is needed. Yours is a very dangerous job, but you’ve always been there day or night, rain or shine, whenever we needed you. Thank you for working on a holiday. When most  people should be home with their families, you are with your ‘other’ family. The men and women you work with everyday. You do this everyday without fail. You do it because you love helping others and because your are very good at what you do! My friends, please be careful out there because we need you!

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Rest In Peace Ventura County Firefighter Ryan Osler

21 Sep

Ventura County Firefighter Ryan Osler, 38 of Moorpark, lost his life in a traffic accident while he was on his way to fight a fire near Lompoc, California early this morning, September 21, 2016. Ryan had been called to help with a fire in another county away from home.ryan-osler

Ryan was a passenger in a “water tanker” truck which was on its way to put out “hot spots” at the fire.  While I never got a chance to meet Ryan, I know many other of his fellow firefighter brothers at Ventura County Fire. One thing about firemen  they all have the same traits. Like all people, each one of them has different likes and dislikes and are different in that regard. However, each and every one of them also display similarities which are unique to firemen. They exhibit unique bravery in time of fear, an eagerness to get the job done, calmness during an emergency, and they know their jobs, and do them very well.fire-black-band

From fighting fires to answering calls for medical help, they all put on their uniform, report for duty, and never know what type of day  or evening they are going to have. They spend time together at the fire station with their “other family.” Their fellow firefighters. They will spend at least two days away from their own families, living at the fire station, sleeping, eating, working out, washing fire trucks, and mostly  responding to 911 calls for help.  They have no guarantee that they will be coming home to their loved ones. Not every call that comes in is the same. One reoccurring theme that is present with each and every firefighter I have ever met is this: They continually put their own lives at risk to help others.  During a fire, when your mind screams at you to run away from the fire, that’s when they go to work.  Why? Because that’s what they have been trained to do. To them, it is all about saving others. You mention the word hero to a firefighter and they blush. They will be the first to tell you that they are not heros, but rather, just somebody who likes helping people, and trying to save lives. To them, that matters more than being called a hero. Firefighters are a very close-knit type of family and it shows. Today, when Ryan lost his life, his fellow firefighters parked their firetrucks on freeway overpasses from Santa Barbara to Ventura, California. They all saluted Ryan as the hearse carrying his body quietly passed by underneath them on the freeway. They didn’t all have to know Ryan personally or even have worked with the man. All they know is that “one of their brothers” had lost his life, and would be coming home for the last time. No longer would he be required to respond to the fire alarm call for help. His job is now done. The last time I saw a tribute this touching was when the hearse carrying the body  of former President Ronald Reagan was on his way to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley to be honored and buried there. Once before,firefighters had lined up on those overpasses to pay respect for their fallen leader. Ryan Osler was a married father of two children. He was a son, father, brother and husband. Thank you Ryan for being a firemen. Thank you for your service. You could have chosen any other profession but like your father before you, you chose this one. You helped countless number of citizens. Now it’s your time to rest big guy. Rest in peace. Your brother firefighters have it from here. ryan-2ryan

Crazy world we are living in

24 Aug

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV only to find out that there has been a shooting outside New York’s Empire State building. Two people are dead, and 9 hurt. People, we need to change this. As long as we are living in a world where everybody does not want to play by the rules, these things are going to happen. Evil lurks its ugly head in the most kind places. I won’t get into the whole guns don’t kill people, people kill people debate. I have my own opinion, as do you. Imagine what would happen if everybody driving suddenly stopped adhering to the rules. Can you imagine the amount of traffic accidents that would occur? I mean our world needs improvement, but it has to start with us. It was incredible after 9/11. I saw so many people being nice to one another, it was awesome. Then, we got lazy, and went back to ourselves. I am not counting out the many people who for some reason, just snap, and lose their sense of reasoning, and go on a shooting rampage. I am sorry that I am writing such a down beat post today, but something had to be said about all the senseless tragedies out in our world. Let’s do our part to make this place a little safer for everyone that lives here! Being kind to one another is a good beginning.

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