People in prison need to hear from the outside

11 Dec

English: Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunsw...

English: Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick Canada. Opened in 1880 as a maximum security prison, it now functions as a medium security facility. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prison doors

Prison doors (Photo credit: rytc)

It’s been on my mind for quite some time now. I read about a man who shot and killed his wife’s ex-husband. I won’t go into the details, but after reviewing the facts of the case, I believe that his wife convinced him that her ex was dangerous and posed a threat to her and her children ( her ex is the father of their children).But this will be the first time that I  will have written to someone in prison. Why? Because even though these men and women are locked up, it doesn’t change the fact that they get lonely. Can you imagine being in prison all day long, and wondering what is going on the outside? I don’t care why they were locked up. Sure, violent offenders need to be locked up and removed from society for our safety, but the fact is, they are  people, and have the same basic needs that you and  I have, like wanting to feel loved and  to be needed. They need to know that somebody cares about them.  They don’t have the freedom to roam around town, or to go to the movies, or to visit friends.  They need to hear from others. Many of us  will never understand how they feel, or what they have to endure just to survive everyday.  They are just like you and me.  They made serious errors and some  are truly sorry for what they did. In any event, I want this man  to know that somebody on the outside  is thinking about him. That he is not forgotten. It is said that Christmas time is the loneliest time of the year, and many people get very depressed, or even suicidal. I can picture in my mind the smile on the face of a prisoner who receives an unexpected letter from the outside. I’m sure it will make their day. We can’t just lock them up and forget about them. They are still members of society, it’s just that they are living in a different environment. The man who I am going to start corresponding with was given a life sentence behind bars, without any possibility of parole. He will spend the rest of his life behind bars, and will probably die there. His parents were devastated, but they still love him. Their life changed too. They now have to travel to the prison on weekends and whenever they can, just to see their son. If you know of someone in prison, then you already know all this. The first night that this man spent in prison, he was brutally attacked, and had several of his teeth knocked out. It is about survival. Prisoners need to learn quickly about the  rules of being behind bars. It is a totally different world.  Fortunately this man endured, learned how to adapt, and now leads a prison ministry. I only hope that my letters will allow him to forget about the ordeal that he is going through, if only for a little while. Take care of yourselves.

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison

English: Concertina razor wire at a prison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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