UFO’s and proof of their exsistence

29 Oct

Capt. Robert Salas, UFO researcher

Capt. Salas at conference

Let me start off by saying that yes, I believe that UFOs exist. Why do I feel that way? Because too many people have actually seen them for them not to exist. Are these people lying? Maybe, but if you have an open mind and approach this subject with it, I believe that you can learn more.  About 4 or 5 years ago, I can’t remember the actual date, I saw a notice in my local newspaper about a UFO symposium being held right here in Ventura, CA. I went, and of all the speakers that  I heard that day, Captain Robert Salas, who was in a Lt. Colonel in the air force back in 1967, and was  actually  involved with a UFO sighting, stuck me as very believable.  He did not see the UFO, but if you listen closely to his story, you can hear the fear in the officer up topside who saw the glowing light and heard it. Do I believe his story? Yes, because if you are lucky enough to sit and listen to Mr. Salas, you can see that he is telling the truth.  He has nothing to gain by making this up, and today, he is very angry that our government is hiding something the truth from us. People, we need to wake up to the facts.  He has written a book, ” Faded Giant,” which is available from Amazon.com. Mr. Salas is my neighbor, and lives nearby. Not down the street, but for his privacy, I will not reveal exactly where he lives. All that I ask is  if you are interested in hearing his story, click on the YouTube link that I have included down below. He is not alone in his endeavour to tell the truth to the American public. He  is joined by several other researchers,  most of whom were in the Air Force, who can now tell their story. While they were in the A.F., they were told to shut their mouths, and that nothing had happened.  It is their hope to arm the American public with this knowledge in hopes that many of us would get angry enough to get involved, and force the government to tell us the truth! One of the questions I asked Captain Salas was if he was afraid to be telling his story. He smiled, and said, “afraid of what? What can they do to me? I’m no longer in the Air Force.” To that, I applaud him and for his efforts to travel nationwide and tell his story. If you google Robert Salas, you will see that he has been on Larry King, and well as other UFO conferences.  I will allow you to make up your own mind. Thanks for listening to me.


Book Faded Giant by Robert Salas


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