Robin Roberts here’s wishing you well !

5 Oct

English: Robin Roberts, newscaster on ABC at 8...

English: Robin Roberts, newscaster on ABC at 81st Annual Academy Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I want to take a moment and send my thoughts and wishes to Robin Roberts, the ABC Good Morning America host who has been in the hospital for 25 days. She is fighting cancer and recovering from bone marrow surgery. As a man who has had gone through several surgeries of my own in the last several years, I know what she is going through. First of all, the hospital is no fun to be at, EVER! But, if  you are sick, then that is the place where they are going to take good care of you. There is the old joke amongst patients about how are you ever going to get better with nurses coming in and poking and prodding you at all hours of the night? I remember finally getting to sleep one night, and the nurse woke me up. She was telling me that my blood pressure was a little high, and that she was giving me my pain medicine because of it. First of all, I didn’t even feel here take my blood pressure. So, if I could sleep through that, then I was doing okay. But, you listen to the nurses because most of them are nice, and it is a thankless job. After all, would you want a job taking care of sick people, and having to clean up their mess after them? Then, most people, when they hear that you are in the hospital, they feel that they must go see you. Like you won’t get any better without them. Now, let me tell you. We are in a hospital bed because we need one thing, and one thing only. R-E-S-T ! Lots of it. I remember having a male roommate and if his family wasnt there, his friends were. Luckily for me, my nurse saw that it was too much for  me too handle, and she limited the visitors to 15 minutes, and the family to visiting hours. You see, sometimes, the nurses may let the family stay a little over the regular visiting hours. For most  hospitals, it is generally 9pm. So, Robin, even though I don’t know you, I say get all the rest you can, and allow family and friends to see you only if you are feeling up to it. Don’t let them dictate to you how  many days in a row to come and visit. And my last piece of advice, take your time and get well in your own time. What I mean by that is your body will let you know how it is doing, and will heal on its own. That’s one of the remarkable things about the human body to me. Surprisingly, there are many people who other than being born, are very lucky, and will never stay as a patient let alone have surgery. That to me is astonishing especially when you consider just how many sick people there are at one time out in the world. So stay healthy all of you, and if you only come to the hospital as a visitor, don’t stay too long. Use you own wisdom on when to leave. Look at the patient. Do they look tired? Don’t ask them if they want you to stay because 9 times out of 10 they will ask you to stay. Some people feel like they will get lost without you, but it is only temporary, and you can visit them at home. Let your loved ones get all the attention from the doctors and the nurses that they can while they are in the hospital.


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