Space Shuttle Endeavour passes over me

21 Sep

English: The Space Shuttle Endeavour atop its ...

English: The Space Shuttle Endeavour atop its modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft lifts off from Edwards Air Force Base on the first leg of its ferry flight back to the Kennedy Space Center just after sunrise on Dec. 10, 2008. Français : La navette spatiale américaine Endeavour sur un avion de transport Boeing 747 décolle de la base Edwards de l’US Air Force pour la première étape de son convoyage de retour pour le centre spacial Kennedy, juste après le lever du soleil le 10 décembre 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, today was a special day. The space shuttle Endeavour passed over my area en route to Los Angeles. No, while I didn’t get a chance to spot it outside,( I had my camera and I was ready!) I had to watch it on TV. Man, was it exciting for a space fan like me! There were people as far away as Norway that flocked to L.A. just to watch it. I would have joined them, but I had an appointment. I hope that you were able to watch on your local news programs even it was a re-broadcast. I will miss the launches. I will miss the landings. The one thing that I won’t miss is the loud sonic double boom as it passed overhead. You see, Edwards air force base is not that far from me, and its backup landing spot. I remember one night about 2 o’clock in the morning, and the loud boom woke me up from a sound sleep! For people like myself who live in an active earthquake region, we didn’t know what it was! Not to mention all the car alarms it used to set off. I hope that I can paint a picture here of what it was like for those of you that have never seen, or heard it up close. The only other recent time I can remember a huge aircraft passing overhead is when President Reagan died. The plane that carried his body from Simi Valley to Washington flew over my house, and man was that a sight! So, when the orbiter gets settled in at its new home at the California Science Center, I hope to go there and take pictures. Oh, don’t worry, I plan to share them with you. This will probably be after the first of the year, when all the large crowds disappear. If they ever do. Anyway, it was a good day to be an American, and to share a piece of history. I only wonder what’s next for NASA? Good thing I have and watch the NASA channel. Have you ever watched a space shuttle launch or landing? Or, were you one of the many people who live in L.A. and were able to see it? Please leave me a comment and share the details! For those of you that missed it, or your area doesn’t receive L.A. news, a good place to find great videos of the landing is on Youtube. I found some people who did a good job of recording it! Check it out!


One Response to “Space Shuttle Endeavour passes over me”

  1. goodjohnjr September 22, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your experiences Mike, I have only heard a sonic boom once in my life while outside at school in gym class when I was a kid and that was amazing/scary/surprising/et cetera, but a double sonic boom is something that I have never heard; and I can only imagine how amazing/scary/surprising/et cetera that might be. 😉


    I have some possibly bad news about your email address and/or computer to share with you Mike, I wanted to email this too you, but I think that maybe your email address has been hacked and/or somehow an email was sent from your email address to mine & to several other people; and the email contained a possibly malicious/phishing/spam/scam link/URL/website that re-directs to three other websites which all are possibly malicious/phishing/spam/scam link/URLs/websites.

    Not long ago I got an email from your email address with the Subject: Re:5, but neither of us sent a replay email to each other like that or an email with that subject so I knew something was suspicious instantly, the email was sent to me & several other people so that was a bit suspicious as well, and the body/text of the email was: “hello, watch this site, it’ll useful for you!” [the website link was here but I am not posting it here since it is possibly malicious]; so I felt that this was definitely suspicious & so I submitted the link to several online URL scanners and I also saved a copy of the full header of the email which seems to indicate that the email was sent from a different IP address than yours, which seems to support the idea that either your email address was hacked and/or the email was sent to you from someone else & somehow sent to me & several other people.

    Here are the Zulu URL Risk Analyzer results of the four websites:





    If you think that your account was hacked and/or that you have some malware on your computer you might want to check out Microsoft’s Hotmail Help Section On Hacked Accounts (I could offer more advice but I do not want to confuse you with too much information at this time):

    You should also contact Microsoft/The Hotmail Team if necessary, and I can give you a copy of the Full Header of the Email if necessary; that will give them the extra information that they need.

    If you need more help and/or if this email was sent to me by mistake, feel free to contact me. 😉

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